Faux Fur Rugs for an Instant Coziness Upgrade

Hop on one of these magic carpets and you’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug.

byCarla Sosenko|
Faux Fur Rugs for an Instant Coziness Upgrade
So pink, so pretty, so plush!. Merelax

Who wouldn’t want to make their home feel like the living embodiment of a hug? The greatest thing about cruelty-free faux-fur rugs is their cozy feel, but their universal appeal is a close second. Fluffy floor coverings go with practically any interior aesthetic. Maybe your place is already a temple of hygge, filled with soft pillows and throws. But maybe it’s more utilitarian or outdoorsy—a faux fur will give the feel of a bearskin rug in a woodsy cabin. Plus, you can put one of these practically anywhere—a baby’s room, a bedroom, a living room—and even four-legged family members will dig them. Hello, new napping spot!

An inner spongy layer topped with nothing but high-pile clouds of fabric makes this one a plush, luxurious dream. The best part: You don’t need a separate pad to keep it in place—thousands of non-slip dots on the underside will do that.

To keep your faux-fur rug tidy, use a hand-held vacuum. If you need a more intense clean, check the instructions, but you can likely hand-wash and air-dry it. If your rug loses a bit of its volume after washing, don’t despair: Once it’s fully dry, give it a good shake or gently use a wide-bristle brush to get it back to its fighting fluff.

Plush Feel
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A durable sewn edge and non-slip beaded bottom keep this synthetic-microfiber style looking neat and kept in place. It has a 2-inch-high pile, so you’ll sink right into it.

Like real fur, the fake variety comes in different, well, varieties! Pile length and shagginess vary from brand to brand, so consider whether you like a short, tight, velvety weave, or something longer and wilder. You want to pick the faux that’s right faux you.

This shaggy-edge option is made with high-quality Mongolian fabric and comes in multiple sizes and shapes: round, rectangular and a free-form geometric.

Fake-fur rugs aren’t just for floors! Thinner styles can be draped over a chair or sofa for a luxe-bohemian look. Especially if you’ve got a hard chair, a furry throw will give your tush a bit of cush(ion).