Entryway Tables That Make a Great First Impression of Your Home

You’ll be wowed every time you walk in the door.

byLauren West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Sep 18, 2020 3:54 PM
Entryway Tables That Make a Great First Impression of Your Home
Make a great first impression with the right entryway table. Convenience Concepts

Your entryway is like a preview of what’s to come in your house. An entryway table is the most practical way to fill that space and make a great first impression. Here’s how to choose one that blends with your personal style to ensure you’re instantly relaxed when you walk into your home.

Easy Decluttering
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This model has a top and bottom shelf, and measures 30 inches high, nearly four feet across, and more than a foot deep. It supports up to 100 pounds.

Make your entryway table serve dual purposes. A low bottom shelf is the perfect spot for shoes and bags when you (or your guests) arrive home. It eliminates the pile up, giving everything a place. A line of shoes not your thing? Place matching baskets or bins there instead.

Whimsical Design
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This is built with engineered wood and a pinewood base to ensure stability. A mix of open and closed cubbies let you display items you want to show off, while hiding others that don’t need to be seen.

If you enjoy playing around with texture, multiple shelves and openings on a table turns into your design playground. Place treasured trinkets, pictures or books, anything that shows off your signature style.

Minimalist Choice
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Available in 8 color options including traditional ones like espresso and white, and funkier options like blue, yellow and seafoam.

To maximize your entryway table’s functionality, it’s all about the right accessories. A table lamp provides soothing lighting. A small, decorative bowl is the perfect for housing small essentials like keys and loose change. And, of course, framed photos of your family provides a guaranteed smile every time you walk in the door.