Entryway Rugs for a Very Warm Welcome

Your home only gets one chance to make a first impression. Here’s how to make it count!

Some entryway rugs show up, and some make grand entrances. Your home deserves one that does both, keeping one of the busiest and most visible parts of your home tidy and stylish. Consider these three tips before you shop.

Subtle Honeycomb Pattern

Sleek and strong construction in sophisticated colors and prints. Gorilla Grip

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Not sure what kind of entryway rug you need? Let your entryway show you. Designers recommend choosing a rug that matches the shape of your entryway, like a slim runner for a long, narrow hall or a rectangular rug for a rectangular foyer. You’ll also want to think about scale. An oversized rug that completely covers the floor can make your entrance feel cramped, while a rug that’s too small can look like a repurposed bath mat.

Pretty Prints

Durable, stain-resistant materials in a fashion-forward zig-zag pattern. nuLOOM

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Entryway rugs shouldn’t move under heavy foot traffic or get caught every time you open the front door. To avoid this, consider the density height of your rug before you buy it. Flat, low-pile rugs work best, because they fit under doors, they’re easier to clean, and they stand up beautifully to everyday use. Just to be safe, though, you might want to consider getting a rug pad to keep it in place.

Design That Pops

Bold lotus flower print in a cut pile pattern. Nourison

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Your entryway rug is bound to get dirty, but how dirty depends on your household. They take more of a beating in homes with lots of foot traffic, especially kids and pets, and in climates with lots of rain and snow. So consider buying an entryway rug that’s easy to vacuum and spot-clean regularly and wash every six months. Many designs now come in machine-washable materials, so rugs can make that great first impression time and time again.