Electric Griddles for Cafe-Quality Breakfasts

The secret to a great diner breakfast at home? A griddle.

If you ever wonder why diner and deli breakfasts taste so good—crispy bacon, perfect eggs and fluffy pancakes all coming out at once—the answer is a griddle. Diner griddles are massive, gas-powered behemoths. But there is a DIY alternative: an electric griddle.


This large countertop model heats up quickly so you can begin cooking sooner. DEIK


One of a griddle’s most-important attributes is its size. These gadgets are much bigger than any frying pan, which allows you to multitask like you never have before. It’s almost like adding another monitor to a computer setup—suddenly you can do all kinds of things at once. No need to heat up (or clean!) a new pan to make pancakes, eggs, sausages or anything else.

For Big Families

This cooking surface angles up to drain off fat or waste easily. Plus, it can be fully submerged once the heat control is taken off. Presto


Electric griddles have an advantage over the gas-powered cooktops you’d see at a diner—you can plug it in anywhere you have an outlet: on the kitchen table, on an outdoor table, on the counter, etc. That leaves your stove free to cook additional items. It also makes a griddle ideal for, say, a dorm room, which doesn’t have a stove.

Low-Profile Look

This cooktop’s heat control is measured in degrees for more accurate cooking temperatures. Presto


We’ve all had the disastrous flipping experience with normal frying pans: the over-easy egg bursts its yolk, or the pancake splatters all over the place. By their nature, griddles make flipping an easy task and are ideal for those learning how to cook. They have such a large, flat, smooth surface, which is often nonstick—that makes it easy to get a spatula underneath whatever you’re cooking.