Cook Better: Egg Cookers to Make the Perfect Poached, Hard Boiled and Soft Boiled Breakfasts

Brilliant little appliances for true egg lovers.

byThe Editors| PUBLISHED Jun 30, 2020 2:58 PM
Cook Better: Egg Cookers to Make the Perfect Poached, Hard Boiled and Soft Boiled Breakfasts
Perfectly poached. Unsplash

How many eggs do you think you eat in a year? Recent research suggests that the average American downs 290, which works out to about five a week. However you like to eat yours, an egg cooker makes prep quicker and foolproof.

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Small, lightweight machine, available in multiple different colors.

Your egg cooker will come with several important-looking accessories, like interchangeable trays for boiling, poaching and omelets, but the most important one is the included measuring cup. The cooker prepares your eggs by boiling water until it’s all gone—steam is what actually cooks your eggs, and so the amount of water you put in dictates how long your eggs are cooked for and consequently how ‘done’ they are. Don’t lose the cup!

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Versatile cooking for up to one dozen at a time—just add water and press the button.

The measuring cup has a dual purpose—if you look on the underside, you’ll find a pin to puncture the shell of your eggs before you cook them—this is to stop them from cracking or exploding while they’re cooked, and ensure they’re done to perfection. After cooking, most machines not only have a buzzer to alert you to the fact that your eggs are ready, but will auto shut-off so they can’t overcook your food.

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Comes with a large omelet tray and four-pod poaching tray.

Think about how many people you’ll be cooking eggs for on a regular basis and buy accordingly. Those with large families will want a larger capacity machine, and if you’re fans of the poached variety, check to see how many pods are in the poaching pan—many have four, but smaller ones may only have two.