Easy to Use Toilet Cleaners for a Sparkling Bathroom

Take the hassle out of domestic drudgery.

Toilet cleaning has to be hands-down one of the least pleasant chores out there. After all, who wants to get up close and personal with their potty? Modern toilet cleaners are more effective than ever and come in a range of clever planet-friendly formulas, as well as smartly designed systems that will minimize the amount of time you have to spend in your bathroom (and in a pair of rubber gloves).


This gel formula uses at least 97 percent naturally derived ingredients. Seventh Generation


While your go-to for toilet cleaning might usually be bleach, if you live in or move into a house with a septic tank, bleach is a total no-no—it can kill off bacteria in the tank that break down everything inside it. Instead, look for effective cleaners that are bleach-free, and use ingredients such as plant-based cleaning agents, essential oils and corn-based ethanol in conjunction with gentle acids that help to break down limescale.

Smart Design

Both ends fit neatly into holding compartments. Clorox Toilet Wand


Don’t like the idea of a germ-ridden toilet brush hanging out in your bathroom, week in, week out? You might want to look for a solution that uses disposable brush heads. These tools generally have a conventional handle, allowing you to clean from a distance, but rather than a plastic brush at the end, they have a click or clamp system for disposable brush heads. The brushes themselves may be pads made from paper or sponge, and come pre-loaded with cleaner—dip them in the water to activate it, clean the entire area and then either flush (for paper) or trash (for sponges) the head after use.


Drop in the back container and keep your bowl sparkling for up to a month. Soft Scrub


If cleaning toilets really is your least-favorite household chore, you might want to know you can ditch your brush for good. While you might have seen under the rim cleaning tablets previously, the latest toilet-cleaning innovations sit in the tank and become part of the plumbing. The idea is that you install the device and every time you flush, the water picks up some of the cleaning product and cleans the entire toilet bowl, rim and cistern—no more scrubbing needed.