Live Better: Real Easy-Care Plants to Spruce up Your Space

Skip the trip to the garden shop or hardware store.

byEdmund Torr| PUBLISHED Aug 31, 2020 7:06 PM
Live Better: Real Easy-Care Plants to Spruce up Your Space
Cacti and succulents are great plants to keep in the house if you have problems keeping greenery alive. Pixabay/milivanily

Live houseplants might not come to mind as a hotspot for online shopping. But yep, you can in fact purchase a variety of plants online and have them shipped, fully protected, right to your front door. Some types of houseplants are better suited to this than others, but there are plenty of options.

This item offers a sampler of different plant types.

Succulents are a great option for buying plants online. They’re inexpensive and often quite small, but are incredibly hardy. This type of plant has thick leaves and stems, which are filled with liquid to allow them to survive in their hot, arid home habitats. That’s perfect for houseplants, because they need essentially no upkeep at all.

This species can tolerate a wide variety of lighting conditions and is perfect for spots in your house that don’t get as much natural light as you’d want.

When purchasing a houseplant, make sure to research how much sunlight it needs. If it’s a low-light plant, keep it on a desk or shelf in indirect sunlight. If it needs more sunlight, consider placing it on a windowsill or in a well-lit area.

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This species actually has a great use: Snap off a leaf, and the gel inside is an amazing burn salve.

One tip: many plants online ship in pots with no drainage holes, to prevent soil or water from spilling and damaging the plant during shipping. That works fine for the couple of days the plant is in transit, but you’ll want to remedy it as soon as you receive your houseplant. Either replace the planter, or bang some holes in the bottom of the planter you have. Then place the plant on a little plate, to allow any excess water to gather without spilling.