Organize Better: Drawer Dividers to Get Your House in Order

Can’t find what you need? It’s time to get drawer-ganized.

byAmanda Green|
Organize Better: Drawer Dividers to Get Your House in Order
Never lose your favorite undies again. Pexels

It’s easy to keep a drawer organized temporarily, but long-term tidiness requires some planning and a few clever tools. Here are a few things to consider before tackling your home’s biggest little messes.

Easy-to-assemble folding fabric units with individual compartments for quick access.

When it comes to skivvies and socks, think outside the folded stack or pile. Organizing these items individually makes them easier to put away after doing laundry and retrieve when you’re getting dressed. Experts recommend storing bras flat to preserve the cup shape and underwire.

Mix-and-match containers for organizing items of various sizes.

Organizing isn’t one size fits all. Instead of storing multiple items in a single large container that’s bound to get jumbled and mixed, consider opting for a number of containers in various sizes and shapes to organize items individually.

Flexible design that can fit vertically, horizontally, or stacked.

Organizational needs change, so you may want to keep your solutions flexible. Look for dividers and containers made of durable, easy-to-clean materials that can be used a variety of ways in different rooms of the house.