Digital Picture Frames to Protect Your Memories Forever

Time to let the world see all the gorgeousness currently stored in your phone

Back in low-tech times, we would get our pictures developed and hang them up or put them in a cherished album. Camera phones made taking pictures—and seeing them immediately—easier, but the tradeoff is that many of us no longer display them. Enter the digital picture frame, which marries the easy of digital photos with the old-school sweetness of the photo album.

Multiple Sizes and Styles

This one instinctively adjusts to portrait or landscape, and a motion sensor turns things on or off automatically., and works with Alexa. nixplay


Imagine being able to transfer the photos you just took with your phone quickly and easily to the frame in your home. With a smartphone, changing up the contents of your frame is as easy as the push of a button.

Background Music

This baby turns on when you’re in range and off when you’re not. Additional functions like clock, calendar, zoom, and more all add to the device’s awesomeness. Bsimb


A touch screen makes things even easier, especially for people used to working on a tablet. It also alleviates the worry of misplacing the remote.

Loads of Memory

You get multiple ways of uploading and storing with this one: You can upload from your phone or use a compatible Micro SD card to copy and paste them. BIHIWOIA


Some frames even have sharing options, so you can send your photos, videos, and playlists with more than 500 contacts.