Live Better: Cozy Home Fragrance Sprays to Boost Your Mood

Infuse your living space with calming, invigorating or sweet aromas.

Many of us feel naked without perfume or cologne, so think about how great it would feel for your living space to also have a signature scent! Smell is often our strongest yet most overlooked scent—but not anymore. Grab one of these home-fragrance options in a scent that strikes your fancy to make your place even more you.

Steady Scent Stream

A timer lets you control how often you want a burst of freshness, every 9, 18, or 36 minutes. Glade

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If you’re sensitive to scent, a timed model is a nice option, because you can speed up or slow down dispersion to your particular liking. A boost button allows you to amp up the olfactory sensations whenever you feel like it.

Subtle Fragrance

A non-aerosol mist features essential oils and no propellants, phthalates, parabens or artificial colors. MRS. MEYER’S CLEAN DAY

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Plant-derived ingredients are safe to spray not only in the air but also on fabrics, so you can give that stinky couch or rug a spritz without worry.

Pretty Packaging

This blend of lemon blossoms, green tea and laurel leaf will instantly transport you to a vacation state of mind. W Hotels

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If you’ve ever visited a hotel, spa or store that has a distinct smell you like, ask about it! Plenty of businesses, especially chains, bottle and sell their signature scents. If you have a happy place, bringing its fragrance into your home will be an instant pick-me-up.