Sleep Better: Cooling Sheets for a Refreshing Night’s Rest

Hot sleepers, rejoice.

lady waking up in bed
These sheets keep you cool as a cucumber.Pexels

Most people find it easier to sleep cuddled up in a cool room. And while everybody is different, cooling sheets are a smart way to keep night sweats at bay and wake up feeling dry and comfortable. Here’s what to look for in your new set.

Comfort Spaces Coolmax Moisture Wicking Bed Cooling Sheets for Night Sweats, Queen, White
This microfiber set includes two pillow cases.Comfort Spaces

A dark, cool room is only one step to getting a good night’s rest. Consider dotting your sheets with an essential oil or pillow spray in soothing scents such as lavender, vanilla and bergamot to lull yourself into a deeply relaxed state.

100% Bamboo Bed Sheet Set
Viscose fabric is cooler than cotton, and the plants take about a third less water to grow.Hotel Sheets Direct

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night because you’re always either too hot or too cold, look to bamboo, or viscose, sheets. Bamboo is thermoregulating, meaning it’ll keep you cool and wick away moisture on cool nights, but trap heat when the temperatures dip. (That also means it’s ideal for two sleepers who argue over the thermostat.)

Queen Bed 6 Piece Sheet Set
With an 1,800 thread count, this microfiber set is very soft.TEKAMON

Microfiber is made up of finely woven synthetic fibers, so they feel practically weightless when you’re snuggled up in them. The higher the thread count, the softer and more breathable your microfiber linens will be.