Sip Better: Coffee Pod Machines for an Amazing Cup of Joe

Making good coffee literally can’t get any easier than this.

byEdmund Torr| PUBLISHED Jul 10, 2020 6:10 PM
Sip Better: Coffee Pod Machines for an Amazing Cup of Joe
The perfect cup of coffee is just a button push away. Alessandro Bianchi, Unsplash

Pod-based coffee machines offer an enticing promise: pop in a pod, press a button, and get your coffee. They’re hugely popular, and for good reason. Here are a few other things to know about these makers before you buy one.

Modern Classic
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This model serves a single cup in less than 60 seconds.

One hack to get the best possible coffee out of your pod: avoid using larger size mugs. Coffee aficionados say that typical coffee pods don’t contain enough grounds for a perfectly balanced jumbo-sized cup (even if it’s offered as an option on the machine). Opt for a smaller size brew to get the best-tasting cup of coffee.

Multiple Methods
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This product lets you make plain java and espresso drinks.

Pod-based machines are great for hurried mornings, because they quickly brew a single cup. But what about when you’re having people over for dinner or brunch and want to offer cappuccinos? Some makers now come with both a pod-based brewer and additional espresso-drink tools like a milk frother.

Vintage Look
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This minimal, playful design measures just 5 inches across, so it’s easy to find a place for, or to tuck away when you’re not using it.

One of the biggest issues fans of pod-based machines have is that the pods aren’t always simple to recycle. But some companies have begun to combat this by creating widespread drop-off spots for used pods, or they can ship you a prepaid bag to send the pods away for proper disposal.

Be a Barista
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With a built-in foam system, you can create lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos and more.

If you’re looking to create fancier beverages with your pod-coffee maker, look to an espresso machine. Espresso is, as its name suggests, meant to be brewed extremely quickly; espresso machines use high amounts of pressure to cut down on the amount of brewing time. If you don’t love drinking espresso straight, you can experiment with all kinds of different espresso-based drinks such as americanos (espresso with hot water), flat whites (espresso with hot milk) or cappuccinos (espresso with hot milk and foamed milk).

Also Consider

Patented Technology
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This model reads a barcode on the rim of the capsule and automatically adjusts its brewing parameters to make your drink taste its best.
Make a single cup with a capsule, or a whole pot using traditional grounds.
Single or Bulk
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Switch between using capsules or traditional filters and beans with the touch of a button.