Clothing Storage to Keep Your Closet Clean and Your Off-Season Duds Safe

If that pile on the chair no longer feels like an adequate organizational system, try one of these options instead.

byCarla Sosenko|
Clothing Storage to Keep Your Closet Clean and Your Off-Season Duds Safe
Store bulky knits and linens in one tidy place. Dan Gold

If you’ve ever spent an hour looking for a black shirt in a pile of other black shirts, it’s time to find a better way. In-closet storage options allow you to essentially make your closet bigger while keeping it nice and neat. Most options are either partially or entirely transparent, which means that you’ll always be able to tell where you’ve put your things. Just think about what you’ll do with all that extra time you used to spend looking for pants!

The odorless, three-ply non-woven material of this style promotes ventilation, so everything inside will stay fresh.

Fabric bags without an inner metal structure will smoosh into irregular spaces better, but they won’t look quite as tidy as the reinforced, angular models. Be realistic about your own habits and needs when buying extra storage. If you have a lot of clothes and minimal space, you might want to get creative with the smooshing!

This option shrinks down into an airtight parcel that’s a fraction of its original size, protecting against mildew, moths, mites or other troublesome invaders.

Vacuum-sealed storage packs are best for items you won’t need anytime soon, like when you change over your closet from summer to winter, or vice versa. They can also be used to store bulky items like heavy blankets or spare pillows.

Rigid sides help each compartment hold its shape, keeping your clothes wrinkle-free in the process.

If you plan to dip in and out of your storage components, transparent panels are crucial. They mean the difference between finding that thing you’re looking for just by scanning the cubes with your eyes, and having to pull out clothes willy-nilly and then repack them again (or feeling too tired to repack them, leading to the return of the dreaded chair pile!).