Clever Coffee Tables to Suit Every Living Space

The compact piece of furniture that can transform any room.

byCharlotte Marcus| PUBLISHED Feb 9, 2021 4:02 PM
Clever Coffee Tables to Suit Every Living Space
Now all you need is a stack of coffee table books!. Helen Shi, Unsplash

The first coffee tables designed and sold as such apparently date back to the late Victorian era, although it wasn’t until the 1930s that it was officially described as being a “low wide table used before a sofa or couch”. But when TVs became more commonplace, they came into their own as low tables, convenient for coffee or any other drink, that meant you could still see the screen. Now they’re a living room staple. Here are our recommended coffee tables.

Great for Small Spaces
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Modern, but with an Art Deco vibe, this metal frame with an MDF and laminate top is a practical and elegant design.

It stands to reason that the aesthetic of the coffee table that you choose will very much depend on the rest of your furniture and decor, but while that’s going to be one of the main factors that influences your product choice, it’s worth bearing a few other things in mind too. For example, if you are furnishing a small space, look for items that are lifted off the floor, or allow light to come through. Being able to see more of the floor space creates an illusion of spaciousness—so glass-topped tables, or those with minimalist frames are a good call.

Loft-style Chic
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Made from matte black iron and wooden-effect particleboard, this sturdy piece of furniture also incorporates a lower level grid for extra storage.

If your home needs more storage space—and let’s be honest, everyone’s does!—don’t pass up the opportunity for a bit of extra room when buying your coffee table. A table with a shelf underneath it offers double the storage space but takes up the exact same footprint as one without. Then it’s up to you whether you use that space for permanent storage, or whether it’s the space that you can place trinkets and coffee table books from the main surface when you want to tidy up.

Smart Design
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With a surface that can be elevated as a temporary desk, this cleverly-designed piece of furniture also has a concealed section for keeping magazines, games, and remote controls.

With home working and quick dinners increasingly common, it makes sense to look for furniture that can perform more than just one role. You can get coffee tables with adjustable leg heights that allow them to be used as dining tables, but you can also get coffee tables with pop-up surfaces that mean you can sit on the sofa and more comfortably work on a laptop or eat a meal. Again, look for options with storage so you can keep placemats and cutlery—or computer chargers and other accessories—safely stowed away when your table is in use as a coffee table.