Scrub Better: Put All Your Supplies in One Place with a Cleaning Caddy

A little bit of organization leads to a lot less procrastination.

byCharlotte Marcus| PUBLISHED Sep 11, 2020 5:46 PM
Scrub Better: Put All Your Supplies in One Place with a Cleaning Caddy
Gather up your cleaning sprays and get to organizing!. Kelly Sikkema

Simple but effective, a cleaning caddy doesn’t just ensure that you know exactly where all the sprays and dusters you need to clean your home are (and that they’re all in one place), but the portable nature means it’s easy to tote them all from room to room.

Budget Pick
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Large, versatile carrier with two deep pockets, two small compartments and a grooved handle for easy carrying.

Before buying your caddy, it helps if you can do a quick audit of your cleaning products. Discard anything that’s empty or never used and work out exactly what your new caddy will need to accommodate. You can probably get away with far fewer products than you think—and remember not everything has to go into the caddy, only the products that you use on a regular basis. If you have a stain remover that only gets occasional use and isn’t part of your daily or weekly cleaning kit, that can stay in a cupboard.

Ideal for Small Spaces
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Two-tone tote that nests on top of a matching bucket that can be bought separately. Also available in a clear plastic format.

Once you’ve slimmed down your cleaning kit, you’ll know how big a caddy you need to be looking for. Make sure that you pick something that all your kit will fit into, but also think about the caddy itself and where you’re going to store it. Will it fit under the sink, or in the cupboard? If space is at a premium, it’s worth looking for a caddy that can stack inside your mop bucket. There are some designed in tandem with a matching bucket, or you could just measure your existing bucket and find a caddy to fit.

Perfect for Cans
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Heavy duty molded plastic that securely holds up to eight 32-ounce canisters as well as other tools and cloths.

Think about the internal aspect of your caddy. Some are just two open pockets, while others may have segmented sections which make it easier to find items, but are also more restrictive as your bottles and cans have to fit into the sections provided. The best of both worlds can sometimes be ones that are molded to fit bottles, meaning your bottles won’t rattle around, but the space is still versatile enough for everything else.