Feel Cozy: Candles to Soothe Your Soul

Relaxation is a few flickers away.

candle over a bathtub
Treat yourself to a soothing scent and relaxing lighting.Pexels

Candles can change the mood of a space as soon as you light them, transforming any room into a cozy oasis. With soothing scents, you may feel your stress melting away. Here, what to consider when choosing candles to enhance your yoga practice, meditation, bathtime or bedtime routine.

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Fun Patterns

Up to 30 hours of burning time with four different ingredients; ideal for adding across rooms.YINUO LIGHT

Experiment with how different candle scents affect your mood by scattering candles in different rooms, or lighting new scents at various points of the day. Some people like energizing scents like lemon or peppermint in the morning, and then prefer winding down to scents like lavender or frankincense in the evening.

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Soothing Scent

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Burning sage is a sacred Native American tradition to cleanse a space of harmful energy and promote clarity and wisdom. To enjoy the scent and some of saging’s benefits as a non-native person, sage candles are a helpful addition to meditation or yoga practice. The act of lighting and burning a candle can also signify to you and your family that it’s time for a change of activities—or mood.

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Creative Flavors

Rosemary, lavender, and persimmon are offered among half a dozen compact containers.CREASHINE

Exploring aromatherapy depends on your own tastes and behaviors. Some people may love the scent of rosemary; others may find it cloying. If you’re new to lighting candles regularly in your home, a sampler set can help you cue into the scents that lift your mood.