Candle Warmers for Cozy Scents and Ambience

Flame-phobics, rejoice: Electric wax melters are a safe way to get all the lovely benefits of a scented candle.

byCarla Sosenko|
Candle Warmers for Cozy Scents and Ambience
Tarts are perfect if you can’t keep flames in your house due to a small child or curious pet. Amazon

Ever lit a candle...then a few hours later left the house and wondered, “Did I blow that out?” Wax warmers take the potential scandal out of candles but give you the same warm kiss of light and scent. Some even double as mug warmers!

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The one thing a candle warmer doesn’t have, for better or worse, is a light-emitting flame. But many warmers feature a bulb inside to give off that warm, flattering glow.

Pop some paraffin cubes on the dish of this versatile dual-level ceramic style. Alternately, remove the dish so you can place a glass-covered pillar right on the base.

Using a jar candle inside a wax warmer works the same way tarts do. Just place the glass on the warming plate, plug it in and presto, change-o: flameless candle!

So. Cool. This model works for your scented jars...or your hot beverages! That means no more annoying microwave trips.

If the idea of a mug warmer immediately makes you catastrophize (liquid beverage + electrical device = potential disaster), worry not: Any reputable combo candle/cup warmer features a heating plate coated in waterproof thermal conductive glass, so no worries if you accidentally spill.