The Best Wine Stoppers to Make Your Vino Last

No matter a red or a white—is there anything worse than a delicious bottle going to waste?

byLauren Brown West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Dec 11, 2019 6:52 PM
The Best Wine Stoppers to Make Your Vino Last
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Wine is one of those small simple pleasures that can make everything better—yet turn everything upside down if unexpectedly spoiled. Which is why these wine stoppers are essential for your kitchen or bar area. They’re all durable, easy to use and able to maintain your unfinished bottle’s flavor notes for weeks to come.

OXO SteeL Wine Stopper and Pourer, Stainless Steel

Sleek and functional—you’ll preserve your wine and eliminate stains.

Get more bang for your buck with this dual functioning wine stopper—not only does it seal all cork-topped wine bottles but also opens at the top for drip-free pouring. Whether you’re looking to get more mileage from a leftover bottle or want to fill up you guests’ glasses without a mess, this stainless steel stopper/pourer combination is a necessity. It’s also dishwasher safe and easy to remove from bottles—once you’ve polished them off, that is!

Rabbit (W6121) Wine and Beverage Bottle Stoppers with Grip Top (Assorted Colors, Set of 4)

Available in bright colors to give your wine bottles a festive look once opened.

The odds that you’re opening more than one bottle of wine at a time are pretty good. Perhaps you like red and your guests prefer white—or maybe you’re tasting a few throughout the night. Whatever the reason, it’s practical to have multiple wine stoppers on hand. Made from durable rubber and stainless steel, this colorful set is designed to fit all bottle types. Once inserted, they can be removed with a single pull and are dishwasher safe and reusable too. Pro tip—you can also use as an air-tight sealer for champagne, soda, oil and vinegar too!

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump, Black with 6 Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

The pump has a patented click mechanism to indicate the airtight environment has been created.

A surefire way to put a damper on any dinner party? The taste of spoiled wine! Enter the Vin Wine Saver gift set which includes one Wine Saver Pump and six rubber stoppers. The pump removes air from the bottle, preventing the wine-ruining oxidation process from starting up. The rubber stoppers then seal the bottle tight, ensuring freshness for up to two weeks. A few important things to note: the Wine Saver is not suitable for preserving sparkling wines and only the stoppers, not the pump, are dishwasher safe.