The Most Luxurious Faux Fur Blankets to Wrap Yourself In

Snuggle time never felt so extravagant.

byLauren West-Rosenthal|
The Most Luxurious Faux Fur Blankets to Wrap Yourself In
Your furry friend will appreciate the new blanket too (if they’re allowed up!). Unsplash/Roberto Nickson

In the quest to make your home a cozy one, you can never go wrong with a faux fur blanket. It adds a touch of luxury, a lot of warmth and stylish flair when tying together a bedroom or living room. Get ready to snuggle up!

Available in 20 colors including ivory, blush, silver and more.

If you’re all about the A/C on warm nights or cracking the windows on cooler ones, look for light- or midweight fabric throws. They’re perfect as an extra layer on top of your comforter or for snuggling with solo.

4 centimeter-long threads feel luxurious.

The beauty of faux fur is you can keep it pristine by throwing it in the washer/dryer. But look out for the type of fabric it’s constructed from. Microfiber is always a great choice as it won’t shed or fall apart after multiple washes.

Perfect for two to cuddle under.

There’s faux fur throws and then there’s reversible faux fur throws if you want to up the comfort ante. If you’re always cold or love snuggling on the couch or in bed, wrap yourself in a throw with plush Sherpa on one side and rich faux fur on the other. We just can’t be responsible if leaving your couch or bed starts to take a teeny bit more effort!