4 Farmhouse Decor Items to Achieve an Enviable Abode

Farmhouse decor set against a neutral background makes a pleasing, popular aesthetic for your home.

The best farmhouse decor pieces are those that look authentic, like you’ve spent the afternoon moseying through a chic little antique shop. Get the look you’re going for when you add these four items to your home’s interior.

Practical Design

Powder-coated brackets stop items from falling off the sides. Amazon


Nothing screams farmhouse like open shelving. That’s exactly what you’ll find if you visit a real farmhouse, so of course you’ll want to cop the look in your own home. This set of three floating shelves is perfect for displaying your favorite items in any room: coffee cups in the kitchen, books in the study or even a few baby toys in your little one’s rustic nursery. The powder-coated brackets are a convenient addition, serving as a way to keep your items from falling off the sides of the shelves.

Leave a Message

It comes in various colors, with 374 pieces, including emojis. Amazon


Add a touch of whimsy to your farmhouse decor when you display this cute rustic letter board. All the rage right now, letter boards are perfect for everything from adding a touch of inspo to your space to jotting down important reminders. This 10×10 letter board comes in a choice of background colors and includes 374 pieces, with letters, special characters and even emojis.

Easy to Clean

The basic colors pop against a neutral background. Amazon


What is it about a buffalo check pattern that screams farmhouse? We’re not sure, but one thing we do know is we love this black-and-white table runner. It’s the perfect backdrop for your favorite table setting, lending an effortless farmhouse vibe. At 72 inches long, this runner is suitable for tables seating 4-6 people, and the cotton material is shrink-resistant and easily washable.

Wedding Friendly

This one can serve as a rustic-flavored design flourish for special events. Amazon


The farmhouse style is all about incorporating natural materials into your space. That’s why cotton makes a great option if you’re trying to cultivate a rustic look. This ample set includes 23 pieces to work with, which makes it an excellent choice for DIY decorations for home, a wedding or a gathering.