Bath Mats That Keep Your Floor Slip-Proof and Clean

Make your first steps out of the shower comfy and dry.

byCarla Sosenko|
Bath Mats That Keep Your Floor Slip-Proof and Clean
Keep your bathroom clean and cozy with these bath mats. Amazon

Is there anything worse than stepping out of a shower, fresh as a daisy, onto a damp bath mat? (Shivers.) And did you know that there’s a difference between a bath mat and a bath rug? So many questions! Luckily, we have the answers. Whether your priority is absorbency, affordability or hotel-level luxury, there’s a mat (or rug!) for you.

Multiple Sizes
Super Cozy
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Thick high-pile material means your piggies are always pampered. TP rubber backing won’t degrade over time (unlike PVC or glue), ensuring that you won’t slip or slide on damp tiles.

If you plan to machine-wash and -dry your mat, make sure to choose a style with a heat-resistant underside (for example, one made from TPR, or thermoplastic rubber). To further elongate its life and prevent slippage, always make sure the floor is dry before you place it down.

Microfiber resists mold and mildew, and a slip-resistant hot-melt spray backing keeps this option in place. The long loopy pile acts like a sponge, sopping moisture from your floor and your feet!

Just like regular carpets, bath mats come in an array of fluff levels, so figure out what you like before you buy. On one end of the spectrum is the Turkish-style flat mat; on the other is a nubby, high-pile rug. The higher the pile, the more cushioned it’ll feel, but it will also take longer to dry.

Rainbow of Colors
Lavish Fabric
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This option features airy curves that keep it breathable, as well as germ- and odor-free. The nearly 1,000-grams-per-square-meter yarn loops are soft, durable and absorbent, so even though this style is relatively flat, it’ll feel nice and cozy.

Let’s talk grams per square meter! GSM refers to fabric density: 300 to 400 GSM models are lightweight and quick-drying; 620 to 900 are premium, super-plush and absorbent. (400 to 620 are medium-weight, so split the difference.) The higher the GSM, the more expensive the product will likely be.