Treadmills for Every Budget

Because you can have a wallet-friendly workout.

byAnna Davies| PUBLISHED Sep 29, 2020 6:43 PM
Treadmills for Every Budget
Make this the start of your home gym. Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

A treadmill doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective. Lower-cost models can deliver effective workouts, but may not have the features, such as digital displays, streaming workouts and shock and noise absorbing technology, that a pricier piece of equipment has. But you may not need those bells and whistles if you’re primarily looking to add movement to your everyday routine. Here, different treadmills at different price points and how to understand which features you need—and which you may feel comfortable skipping.

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Includes access to streaming platform of classes and workouts, automatic incline and reduced motor noise and self-cooling technology.

High-end treadmills may come bundled with subscription access to customized workouts. This is a great gym substitute, giving alternative options beyond running or walking such as bootcamps that incorporate floorwork. High-end treadmills also may have technology to reduce noise and impact, and to reach higher speeds. These gym-like models are great for serious athletes who plan to use the treadmill to bank miles, while also providing an effective workout for walkers as well.

Wireless Connectivity
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Shock-absorption tread deck, performance monitor and device holder make this mid-range model appropriate for a range of uses.

The features you look for should include the features you use. Sounds like a no-brainer, but choosing a treadmill with everything you need in one place can make it that much easier to pick up and well, run. To that end, if you regularly listen to music while running, it’s smart to see the tech specs when it comes to Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity. Or if you like to stroll and scroll, look for a treadmill that makes it easy to clip your phone or tablet in while you walk.

Mobile Inclusive
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Includes access to Explore the World app for virtual races, USB chargers, in-console speakers and media shelf.

Mid-range models may also include data storing, such as workouts completed, calories burned and heart rate monitoring. You can also DIY these features by using an app, like a movement tracker. Above all, comfort level is key. You want to make sure that your treadmill adequately cushions your footfalls so you don’t fall victim to an overuse injury. Look for running belts that have cushioning systems to minimize impact.

Also Consider

Space Saver Design
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Touch button controls and adjustable speed up to 7.5 mph as well as access to workout routines.
Custom Coaching
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Premium all-inclusive app that uses feedback to provide in-workout training and customized workouts.