Yes, you can relax—with these 15 easy stress relief apps

These apps may not make your work or home life any less hectic, but they can help you get rid of stress.

When it comes to stress, we working moms have it rough. Kids, work, home, parents, pets—and that’s just for starters. No wonder we feel stressed out. Here are a few of our favorite apps for mobile devices that can help get you on the path to less stress.

Stress Tracker logo
Stress Tracker Photo: Google Play Photo: Google Play

Stress Tracker

One of the first steps to managing stress is figuring out what stresses you the most. With the Stress Tracker app, you can track your stress levels over time and then analyze these trends to learning what the real causes may be. The goal is to create changes that will make your real life a little easier. (Free for Apple and Android)

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock logo
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Photo: Google Play Photo: Google Play

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

We all know that not getting enough sleep causes stress. But did you know that waking at the wrong point in your sleep cycle can also make you feel more tired when awake? Using the microphone and accelerometer built into iPhones, the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock analyzes your sleep patterns to find the light sleep phase or the best point to wake up. Then it wakes you to guarantee the most restful sleep possible. (Free for Apple and $1 for Android)

Breath2Relax app
Breathe2Relax Photo: iTunes Photo: iTunes


One of the best methods to beat stress is simple deep breathing. Breathe2Relax take this basic technique and perfects it by including breathing exercises to help users learn how to take diaphragmatic breaths (from your belly) to get the most calming effect. The app also has information on the harm that stress may be doing to different parts of your bodies, in case you weren’t stressed enough about stress! (Free for Apple and Android)

Pocket Yoga logo
Pocket Yoga Photo: Google Play Photo: Google Play

Pocket Yoga

You may not be able to bring your own personal yogi everywhere, but the Pocket Yoga app may be the closest thing to it. The app includes video and audio instruction to guide different routines that vary in skill level and length. Just break out your phone and grab a mat for a little stress relief. ($3 for Apple and Android)

Mindfulness App logo
The Mindfulness App Photo: Google Play Photo: Google Play

The Mindfulness App

The ancient practice of meditation has long been a way for people to get centered and eliminate stress from their lives. However, getting to that point takes practice. The Mindfulness App serves as an introduction to meditation for those who want to give meditation a shot with instructional guides at increasing lengths. It also has a reminder feature that will notify you when it is time to meditate. ($2 for Apple and Android)

Happify app
Happify Photo: iTunes Photo: iTunes


Who couldn’t use a little more happiness in their lives? The Happify app aims to boost user happiness through a series of games and activities that are based on science. The app features curated “happiness tracks” in categories like “Savor the Small Stuff” and “Be More Socially Connected” to help you reach your personal goals. (Free for Apple and Android)

Pacifica logo
Pacifica Photo: Photo:


Pacifica’s goal is to keep you relaxed—appropriate since it’s name translates to “peaceful” in English. The app can track your mood, feelings and health over time to see their progression. It also allows you to record your thoughts when appropriate. To keep stress levels down there are guides to things like deep breathing, meditation and positive visualization. And because sometimes sharing and venting to others can be a great stress reliever, there is an online community available for support.(Free for Apple and Android)

7 Minute Workout App logo
7 Minute Workout Photo: Google Play Photo: Google Play

7 Minute Workout

For many people, exercising is the perfect way to let off some steam and distress. The only downside is finding the time in your busy day to fit in a work out. The 7 Minute Workout app solves this problem by the designing the perfect routines for a tight schedule. (Free for Apple and Android)

Acupressure: Heal Yourself Logo
Acupressure: Heal Yourself Photo: Google Play Photo: Google Play

Acupressure: Heal Yourself

While a nice massage can do wonders for your stress, going to the spa every week may not be very practical—or affordable! Teach yourself the basics of acupressure massage for relaxation on a budget. The Acupressure: Heal Yourself app features techniques for different ailments including relieving stress and anxiety. The self-massages work by accessing “pressure points” around your body. Just be careful not to give yourself the Vulcan nerve pinch. ($2 for Apple and Android)

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep
Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep Photo: Google Play Store Photo: Google Play Store

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Nothing soothes the mind better than sounds from nature. This app has a selection of different sounds including waterfalls, birds and thunder storms. You can use it as the perfect background noise for meditation or even play it at home when you need to mellow out. (Free for Android)

Anxiety Management
Self-Help Anxiety Management Photo: Google Play Store Photo: Google Play Store

Self-Help Anxiety Management

A team of psychologists helped develop this app that serves as a personalized resource for people with anxiety. It allows you to keep track of the things that make you nervous and track your feelings. The app will then direct you to several exercises and activities that can help you stay calm. There is even a community of app users who can act as a support group if you need them. (Free for Apple and Android)

Worry Watch - Anxiety Journal
Worry Watch – Anxiety Journal Photo: iTunes Photo: iTunes

Worry Watch-Anxiety Journal

Many people find writing down their thoughts to be therapeutic. Worry Watch takes this a step further by having users record what is stressing them out and then write about it. After a stressful event occurs, you can go back and review your feelings and whether or not your stress was justified. ($2 for Apple)

Headspace app
Headspace Photo: Google Play Store Photo: Google Play Store


Most working mothers would roll their eyes at the though of meditation breaks. They simply don’t have the time between their jobs and family lives. Which is why Headspace is a manageable option for busy moms. It only requires a ten minute commitment per day to help with your mental wellbeing. (Free on Apple and Android)

Stop, Breathe & Think
Stop, Breathe & Think Photo: Google Play Store Photo: Google Play Store

Stop, Breath & Think

There is no false advertising here. The app delivers a custom meditation and relaxation plan after you enter your current emotions and mood. You can log your emotions before and after your sessions to track your progress. (Free on Apple and Android)

Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults Photo: Google Play Store Photo: Google Play Store

Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults

Adult coloring books have emerged as a popular low-stress activity for people looking to decompress. However, you can’t bring your coloring books and colored pencils everywhere. The Colorfy app lets you work on some coloring from your phone. It may not be quite like the real thing, but it is sure to help you relax on your afternoon commute. (Free on Apple and Android)