Sleep Better: Three Reasons Why a Wedge Pillow Will Give You A Great Night’s Rest

Magic bedding that will transform your ability to get some shut-eye.

wedge pillow
Recline and relax.Amazon

Did you know that different countries have different sized and shaped pillows? In France and other parts of mainland Europe they tend to be square, in the UK, the standard size is 20″ x 30,” while in the US it’s 20″ x 25″ and in south-east Asia, you’re more likely to find a long sausage-shaped bolsters on beds, rather than a pillow. Could a wedge be the perfect pillow you’ve been waiting for?

Bed Wedge Pillow
Can be positioned at either a 30 degree or 60 degree angle and comes with a removable plush grey cover and integrated carry handle.AllSett Health

While a wedge pillow is useful if you’re recovering from an operation and need to be able to rise from your bed more easily, some folks use them on a nightly basis, to help combat issues like snoring. One reason people snore is because parts of the nose and throat relax and narrow when we sleep, and then vibrate as we breathe. Sleeping in a more upright position causes less collapse of the airways.

Extra Large Bed Wedge Pillow
Available in a range of elevations and sizes to fit beds of different widths.InteVision

Some people find that an elevated sleeping position helps with heartburn or acid reflux, which occur when the valve that’s meant to stop acid coming up and out of the stomach relaxes. The idea is that if your throat is higher than your stomach because your head is elevated, acid has a harder time flowing uphill.

Healthex Bed Wedge Pillow
Combines several materials for both firmness and temperature regulation.Healthex

Don’t assume that a wedge pillow has to be used under your head and shoulders. You can also tuck them under your knees to help relieve pressure on your lower back, or to elevate your feet to help reduce ankle and foot swelling.