Meditation Pillows to Ground Your Practice

Without proper support, it’s a lot harder to get your zen on.

byLauren West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Sep 3, 2020 3:07 PM
Meditation Pillows to Ground Your Practice
Emotional support pup unfortunately not included. Pexels

It can be hard enough to keep your mind still during a meditation practice, but doing so without feeling comfortable in your seated position is near impossible. A sturdy and quality meditation cushion that provides the right support is a must for establishing a consistent practice. Not all meditation pillows are created equal, however, so here’s what to look for in this tool of the trade.

This one’s crafted from recycled foam and comes in soft shades of blue and lilac.

One of the most common meditation positions is sitting cross-legged—and the trick to feeling comfortable is supporting your spine so it maintains its natural curves. A rectangular pillow helps by offering extra height and spinal support to put your sacrum at approximately a 30-degree forward tilt. That makes it easier for the rest of your spinal curves to naturally fall into the right place.

The quilted stitching keeps this one firm, and it comes in 10 colors.

While the color of your meditation pillow can’t support your back, it can elevate your mood. When it comes to Feng Shui and enhancing your meditation space, some pillow colors to consider include purples, which are thought to restore balance, yellows which aid in clearing the mind, blues for calming and relaxation and black to encourage deep inward focus and discipline.

This is easy to transport throughout your house or to an offsite class.

For some, a meditation and yoga practice goes hand in hand. In that case, a larger floor style pillow makes it easier for more intensive positions that require you to be on your knees or stomach. It can also double as a supportive prop—especially during Savasana or “corpse” pose where a bigger pillow to relax on is essential.