Feel Better: Meditation Cards to Help You Get Mindful, Anytime

Little cards with big power.

byLauren West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Aug 19, 2020 8:32 PM
Feel Better: Meditation Cards to Help You Get Mindful, Anytime
Tuck a card in your purse or pocket to reflect on throughout your day. Unsplash/Radu Florin

It’s okay to ask for help—even when it comes to a practice like meditation that’s meant to help with clarity, focus and calm. The truth is, sitting still, with your eyes closed and focusing on your breath doesn’t always come easily. In theory it sounds heavenly, but getting to that place of zen can feel overwhelming for newbies and expert meditators alike. Enter: meditation cards. They’re a simple way to set intentions, redirect your thoughts and find a mantra to jumpstart your practice or guide your day. There’s a variety of meditation card decks out there—here’s what to look for whether you’re looking to pull a card for a quick burst of inspiration or want a deeper start to your daily meditation practice.

One colorful square asks, “What or who am I beneath all my roles?”

Meditation means different things to everyone and for some, it’s about looking inward to discover what’s personally needed to live a more mindful, positive, and purposeful life. Look for cards that go beyond the affirmations they provide and ask thoughtful questions too. It’s a way to gain clarity and expand the scope of what you might meditate on later.

Children can create their own mantras or activities with two DIY options, or stick to the prompted exercises.

Like us, our kids’ brains are tired, and need dedicated time to “unplug,” relax and focus. It’s never too early to introduce the fundamentals of meditation as it will help with everything from managing stress to controlling emotions. But if they’re not ready to sit still with their eyes closed for extended periods of time, use a kid-friendly deck of meditation cards instead. Make it a ritual where you pull a card with them. Some decks provide mindfulness inspired activities on the cards while others encourage kids to discuss how the words and imagery on the cards makes them feel and why.

These are double-sided, with short mantras on the front and a longer description on the back, combined with cheerful drawings.

Sometimes all it takes is one mantra to completely change your mindset for the day. If that quick shift feels just as beneficial to you as meditating, look for a deck that focuses on a single affirmation on each card. Pull a card and then deliberately focus its positive intention for the rest of the day. But, don’t just read it and put the card back in the deck. Keep the card with you, repeat the affirmation throughout the day and when you have a few minutes, meditate or journal on it.