Feel Better: How to Use Yoga Straps for Stretching and Support

A little assist can make you a lot stronger.

Incorporating a yoga strap into your yoga practice—or even just a traditional stretching session—can result in longer, deeper stretches and help you ease into poses you didn’t think you were flexible enough for. Here are three supportive styles to consider.

Loops within the nylon strap allow for greater control of the stretch. For example, you can put one loop over your feet, then pull your body forward with the two sides of the strap. Some straps have premade loops; others you may make yourself with a buckle. Even with a strap, it’s important not to go beyond the capability of your body.

Extra Long

8 feet long with a nylon pouch and large premade openings for hands and feet. SANKUU


A stretching strap can be used in physical therapy, yoga, dance, Pilates or even just a cool-down or warm-up stretch. But beyond the gym, they can also be used as tools during the day to help keep your body flexible and pliable. Consider a mid-day stretch break while you’re at your job. A few minutes of movement can help relieve tech neck and make uncomfortable office chairs a little more bearable.

Affordable Option

A non-elastic fabric in a range of shades provides stability and support; allows you to customize looping based on need. Tumaz


Some yoga and stretching straps come with a D-ring buckle so you can design your own loop. This can give you a range of options for how to use it in your own yoga and stretching practice. D-ring straps are often longer, which means they’re perfect for taller people or yogis who need the extra length to ease into more difficult asanas.