How to Choose the Right Iron Supplement

Need more iron? These tips will help you find the right type.

byShea Duncan|
How to Choose the Right Iron Supplement
Which pill is right for you? This info can help you decide. Pexels/Anna Shvets

Whether you’re anemic or just looking for an energy boost, iron is an essential part of an adult’s healthy diet. Supplement packaging can be confusing and crowded with too much unnecessary information. How do you know what’s worth your attention? Your needs will vary based on your individual health, but here are some quick tips to help find the right iron for you.

Prevent Unwanted Side Effects

This vegan, gluten-free multivitamin helps manage side effects while delivering 26 mg of iron.

High-dose iron supplements can sometimes cause unpleasant side effects like constipation and nausea. Unless directed by a doctor, look for a lower dose made with natural ingredients to ease potential side effects. For people over 14 years of age, the highest dosage you should take is 45 mg of iron per day.


This liquid supplement provides easy-to-consume iron in 10 mg doses.

If you don’t like to take pills or just want something easier on your digestive system, liquid supplements may be a better option for you.

Vitamin C to Boost Iron Absorption

At 65 mg, this supplement is only for those directed by a doctor to take an iron supplement.

Doctors recommend taking Vitamin C to help absorb the iron into your body. In case you don’t have orange juice at the ready, taking a supplement that also includes Vitamin C will help to make sure you reap the benefits of iron.