How to Choose the Right Fitness Tracker For You

So you never miss a beat!

byAnna Davies| PUBLISHED Sep 29, 2020 7:09 PM
How to Choose the Right Fitness Tracker For You
No need to lug your phone around on walks or runs when you’ve got a fitness tracker to count your steps!. Amazon

A fitness tracker clues you in on how many steps you track, even during fun, mindless activities, like chasing your kid around the playground. They can also help you learn valuable intel, like how restful your sleep is each night and how your heart rate changes throughout the day. The best fitness tracker has the info you need, without the add ons that may stress you out.

Runner Friendly
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See your pace and distance with tech designed for the outdoors; Spotify app controls directly from your wrist to your device.

Some fitness trackers have minimal display since the tracker syncs to an app, while others let you see your numbers directly. Certain models can double as a watch so you don’t need to always pull out your phone to check the time. Still others let you do a quick audit of your fitness routine. Some fitness trackers have enhanced capabilities for picking up swimming workouts, while some use GPS to help you see pace and distance in real time when you’re going on an outdoor run or walk.

Stylish and Sleek
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Sleep and heart rate data help you assess downtime as well as active minutes; lasts up to five days on one charge.

A fitness tracker bridges the gap between your workout routine and your everyday life—that’s why it’s important to find a style that suits your look. A sleek watch face doubles as a traditional accessory while still giving you key info.

Key Cardio Data
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Syncs to phone to alert you to calls or texts; monitors workouts as well as sleep quality.

A heart rate monitor can be a great tool to help you understand when to push yourself and when to pull back during workouts. It also lets you track your progress as you power through workouts that once left you winded! But if you’re getting a monitor that tracks your heart, consider talking with your doc and asking any questions about what the numbers might mean for you, or what they might want you to pay attention to as you try to achieve a specific health goal, like sleeping better.

Also Consider

Automatically tracks sleep to give insight into sleep stages; smart track capabilities help accurately record swim and bike sessions.
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Science-backed challenges and customized feedback; real time head to toe tracking for optimal fitness.
Wallet Friendly
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Large display syncs to phone notifications; monitors workouts and rest quality.