How to Choose a Yoga Mat for At-Home or At-the-Gym Sessions

Bonus points if your mat is eco-friendly.

Woman on yoga mat
Sink into your asanas with these mats.Avrielle Suleiman, Unsplash

Have you ever seen friends (or fitness influencers) doing insane, seemingly impossible stretches? Like, how did they get their foot to touch the top of their head? Or what about those poses where they prop their whole body onto their triceps? That’s advanced yoga—but you don’t have to be able to do any of that to get started. One thing you do need? A yoga mat. Let us help you find one that’s right for you.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Extra Thick

Beautiful Design

Protect yourself and the environment with this toxin- and 6P-free item.Gaiam

Yoga is both about physical wellness and being mentally sound. You’ll often hear instructors talk about looking inward and staying mindful. Well, getting into a strong mental state can be aided by what’s on the outside. Your eyes aren’t closed the entire time during your yoga practice, so, when they are open, treat them to a pretty mat like this one. Gaiam is one of the most trusted brands in yoga equipment—and the company has made this mat extra thick for better cushioning of your joints during seated, kneeling and lying-down postures.

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Variety Pick

This one comes in two lengths and five different colors.Manduka

When you’re doing yoga, you’re bound to break a sweat on your mat. The last thing you want is for perspiration to seep into your mat or make things slippery. This mat is made from a closed-cell material designed to keep things as dry and sanitary as possible.

Jade Yoga - Harmony Yoga Mat

Vibrant Hues

In partnership with Trees for the Future, the brand has helped plant over one million trees since 2006.Jade Yoga

Natural rubber comes from trees and has an even stronger grip than most synthetic rubbers. That means this mat won’t slip or slide around while you’re in downward dog, and neither will you. This mat comes in eleven beautiful colors, from powder blue to a vibrant tangerine.