Everything You Need For Your Own High-Impact Home Workout

Lift those knees! Slay those burpees!

byKelly Bryant| PUBLISHED Mar 31, 2020 8:13 PM
Everything You Need For Your Own High-Impact Home Workout
Everything you need for your at-home gym. Getty Images

For those who rely on the endorphin rush of a high-intensity workout, there’s nothing that compares to hearing a favorite instructor bark out orders for box jumps and burpees. But you can still get a hardcore workout at home. Here’s what you need.

Total Resistance Training

Your bodyweight is the main tool in a TRX workout, along with well-configured straps.

If you’ve never tried TRX, prepare to get hooked (literally). Suspension straps combined with the most basic of movements offer fitness enthusiasts and newbies alike a muscular and cardiovascular workout. This portably bodyweight training kit can be attached to doors, poles, beams—even trees! With practice you’ll plank, lunge, and squat with the best of ‘em.

Boost Balance and Core Stability

This prop will light up your core training like no other piece of equipment.

When you want to up the intensity of traditional exercise moves, add in a domed balance trainer like this BOSU ball to challenge your stability. By throwing an unstable prop like this ball into the mix, you’re activating your core and making it work even harder, further engaging other muscle groups as well. It’s basically a total body win-win.

Can’t Beat the Classics

Get your blood pumping by jumping rope.

Jumping rope isn’t just child’s play. The activity has myriad health benefits. It’s a classic cardio activity, a coordination booster and a powerful full body workout because it engages so many muscle groups. For safety, just make sure you buy the right size rope—an adjustable jump rope like this one is a great accessory to have on hand when you want to get your blood pumping.