Work Out Better: Folding Exercise Bikes

You can have your sweat session without intruding on your space.

byAnna Davies| PUBLISHED Sep 22, 2020 7:34 PM
Work Out Better: Folding Exercise Bikes
Break a sweat with confidence on these easy-to-stash bikes. Juan Pablo Rodriguez

A folding exercise bike saves space and lets you work out on your terms. But you know the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind?” You may just have to work harder to make sure you regularly take out your exercise bike to get a sweat session in. That’s why details in a folding exercise bike matter. Ones that allow you to vary resistance and track performance can give you the motivation to work out regularly. Here, what to look for in folding exercise bikes.

Extended Weight and Height
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Holds up to 300 pounds and riders as tall as 6’1, this bike is great for switching riders with multiple resistance modes for challenges.

Look at the height and weight specs for a folding bike. These can be more restrictive than a “traditional” bike, because a folding bike may require a narrower or lighter frame. It’s important to make sure all riders can comfortably ride, especially if you’re sharing with a workout buddy.

2 in 1 Frame
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With a recumbent option and 10 levels of tension, this product gives you maximum versatility.

Upright-style bikes require you to sit in a similar way you would on a road bike. But recumbent-style seating puts you in a semi-reclined position. This places less stress on your joints and can target your abs more than sitting upright. Some folding bikes have a frame that shifts into both positions.

Watch a Tutorial
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Including a tablet holder to stream workouts and a large digital monitor for workout data, this unit has a shifting frame that can accommodate 330 pounds.

One way to maintain challenges is to follow along to workouts. Look for bikes that include a tablet holder. You can also place the bike in front of a TV to stream workouts. If you’re following along to a cycle class, it’s helpful to make sure that the bike you’re using allows you to change resistance to become more or less challenging according to instructor cues.

Also Consider:

Adjustable Challenges
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10 resistance levels, a performance monitor and a space to stow your tablet allow for a serious workout.
Budget Pick
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Cycle between eight levels of resistance.