Cute Face Masks To Filter Out Dirt, Dust, and Pollen

Think of your face mask like any other accessory—with the added bonus of environmental protection.

byCarrie Saum|
Cute Face Masks To Filter Out Dirt, Dust, and Pollen
Switch out your masks to fit your outfit and your mood. Bara Bui, Unsplash

Dirt, dust, and pollen—trying to avoid these respiratory irritants can be challenging. If you opt for a face mask to keep environmental particles at bay, you don’t have to sacrifice your style. In fact, finding one that reflects your own unique look is as simple as knowing what your options are. Keep reading to find just the right face mask for you.

Send Your Love

You’ll be a total sweetheart when you slip this mask on.

A chic black mask is versatile and works with any wardrobe. We love this basic look with a sweet red heart to show the world your love.

Glow in the Dark

No need for anyone to guess how you’re feeling when you don these masks.

Wearing a face mask doesn’t have to be boring. Express your playful side with glow-in-the-dark emojis printed right on the mask fabric, like this one, and bring a smile to everyone you meet.

3-in-1 Fashion

Fashion and function collide with this colorful wrap.

If you’re looking for a face covering that can serve multiple functions in multiple settings, try a balaclava like this one. Perfect for covering your face while running, hiking, or just out for a walk—this stretchy, breathable UV-protecting mask can also be worn as a warm scarf or fashionable headband without any fuss.