3 Virus Masks to Keep You Safe When Illness Strikes

Sometimes it takes more than handwashing to keep yourself healthy when others are ill.

byChristin Perry| PUBLISHED Feb 7, 2020 10:18 PM
3 Virus Masks to Keep You Safe When Illness Strikes
Keep yourself and the people around you protected with these virus masks. Getty Images

We can’t think of a single person who enjoys being sick. So when you want to ratchet up your defense against whatever illnesses are going around, a virus mask can help. These three are made of quality materials that help filter out harmful germs and air particles.

3M 8511 Respirator, N95, Cool Flow Valve (10-Pack)

These are NIOSH-certified for safety you can count on.

This virus mask from industry leader 3M does an excellent job of filtering out particulates in the air, including dust, mold, smoke and most importantly, viruses. It’s certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) as an “N95” mask; filtering out at least 95 percent of harmful air particles. This virus mask is made of soft, comfortable material with an adjustable nose piece and headband, and a valve releases excessive heat build-up to prevent that suffocating feeling many masks cause.

PBudi N95 Mask for Kids

Smaller faces need smaller masks, like this one.

Similar in nature to the 3M virus mask, this PBudi mask is built with kids in mind. It’s a smaller size so as not to feel too overwhelming for their smaller faces, but still has the N95 particulate filtration you can trust. A valve in the front releases warm, humid air while avoiding the introduction of potentially dangerous air particles. This soft cotton disposable mask comes with a moldable nose piece and a headband to fit most kids’ head sizes.

3 Ply Breathable Disposable Surgical Face Mask

This budget pick is an industry standard.

When you want protection without breaking the bank, these disposable surgical face masks are a safe bet. Available in lots of as many as 40, you can buy in bulk to prevent having to reorder. You won’t find some of the advanced features that NIOSH-certified virus masks have, but these still get the job done. The 3-ply construction provides a firm but non-restrictive fit, and they’re easy to remove with an ear loop on either side.