Kettlebells to Sling for a Great At-Home Workout

No home gym is complete without a great set of kettlebells. Snag yours here.

Fitness fads come and go, but kettlebells are never going out of style. That’s because people have caught on to the amazing workouts they can get with just one piece of equipment. Whether you follow along with an at-home workout video or make up your own exercises, you can strengthen just about any muscle group with a kettlebell.

Ergonomic Design

This starter pack comes with a compact base for safe, easy storage. Best Choice Products


Like any new workout, it’s smart to begin a new kettlebell exercise routine with lighter weights, while you familiarize yourself with the equipment and build strength and stamina. Look for a budget-friendly starter set to kick things off—as you get stronger you can expand your collection or invest in some c-shaped add-on weights to customize your lift.

Compact & Space-Saving

Flexible construction protects your flooring from scratches and won’t cause loud bangs and clangs when you drop it. Bionic Body


When you’re working out at home, your main priority is to get fit and enjoy an endorphin rush—you shouldn’t have to worry about destroying your floors while doing so. If that’s a concern for you, look for a soft-construction kettlebell filled with sand rather than a solid metal bell.

For Lifting Enthusiasts

This 1-pound kettlebell handle works with any 1- or 2-inch weight plates you already have in your home gym. Yes4All


If you already have plenty of strength training equipment at home, you may just need a kettlebell handle. These handles let you turn weight plate from adjustable dumbbells into a kettlebell with a few turns of a wing nut.