Hydration Tablets to Keep Your Electrolytes Balanced

Replenish after a workout, illness or during travel with these three hydration tablets.

If you, like us, have a hard time remembering to drink eight glasses of water a day, consider popping a hydration tablet in your water bottle to add a kick of flavor and a helpful dose of electrolytes. These are the ones we’re sipping on.


Sweetened with stevia extract. Drop each fizzy tablet into 16 ounces of water. Amazon


Why sip a plain old sports drink when you can rehydrate and give yourself a nutrition boost at the same time? Many tablets come packed with flavorful and nutrient-rich ingredients, such as ginger and turmeric.

Fruity Flavors

Sweetened with non-GMO cane sugar and stevia extract. Amazon


Sports drinks and hydration supplements work by replenishing your body’s electrolytes after extended periods of sweating or other fluid loss. Electrolytes include sodium, calcium, potassium and some other essential minerals. If you’re concerned about sugar intake or calories, be sure to check nutrition labels before you sip.

Great for Travel

Sweetened with sucralose (the ingredient in Splenda) and mannitol (a sugar alcohol). Amazon


Hydration tablets and powders are a convenient and eco-friendly substitute for traditional sports drinks. They’re easy to drop into your purse or gym bag and, unlike a bottled drink, won’t get you stopped by the TSA at the airport!