Work Better: Ease Eye Strain With Blue Light Glasses

If you spend a ton of time in front of screens, protecting yourself against blue light damage is essential.

We live in the digital age—which means you’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t spending a significant part of their day in front of a screen. According to The Vision Council, over half of adults feel the symptoms of digital eye strain after just two hours of computer time. The culprit? Extra blue light from screens that’s difficult for human eyes to filter out. You don’t have to give up your precious devices, just pop on some blue light glasses. Here’s how to choose the right pair.

Flattering Shape

Made with an unbreakable, eco-friendly material. Amazon

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Blue-light glasses used to be boring at best and just plain ugly at worst. But today they come in tons of trendy styles. We love the retro shape of this pair and the fact that they’re available in fun colors including bright red, pink and leopard.


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Studies show that using amber lenses (especially if you’re a nighttime screen user) can improve sleep quality and help with symptoms of insomnia.

Perfect Pair

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Blue light lenses come in clear or colored options. But if the majority of your screen time is done during the day—be it an office computer or scrolling through Instagram on your phone—clear lenses are fine. We like this two-pack because you get two pairs for the price of one. (And you know you’re going to lose one of them ASAP.)