At-Home Yoga Equipment Sets for Beginners

We rounded up the essentials for any budding yogi.

If you’re a yoga novice, you might be unsure of the right equipment to invest in. That’s why an all-in-one set is so convenient—you can get all the basics necessary to start perfecting your poses. Here are our top picks for your next asanas.

Everything you need to get started. BalanceFrom


Just getting started on your yoga journey? An all-in-one set might be right for you, since you’ll need the basics—a mat, a towel, a few foam blocks—upfront. This set, which comes in seven colors, gives you all that and more. The double-sided, non-skid mat is the perfect size for yoga exercises, while the blocks and yoga strap are essentials to level up your workout with resistance and toning moves. Two towels and a knee pad round out this kit. You can choose between a half-inch or quarter-inch mat—both thicker than standard mats—so your joints are better protected while you bend into different poses.

This mat is made without phthalates, rubber or latex. YogiMall


This reversible mat is made from jute, a grippy vegetable fiber free of phthalates and latex. The set comes with its own carrying strap as well as a sit of no-slip toeless socks, so you can focus more on your poses than sliding around.

This mat is extra large and has good grip. Clever Yoga


This beginner-friendly yoga set comes armed with an extra large yoga mat at 72 inches long and a little over 25 inches wide, so you can feel comfortable entering any variety of pose without stepping off. The set also features two two foam blocks, an eight-foot long strap and two towels. Bundle it all together in the sturdy carrying case for yoga at the park.