Work Out Better: At Home Spin Bikes

Because feeling like a million bucks doesn’t have to cost a million bucks.

Spin bikes can feel like a major investment, both in time and in space. While you can follow along to streaming workouts on any at-home bikes, spin bikes may have multiple levels of resistance and be especially stable, allowing you to easily stand to pedal. The type of bike that’s best for you depends on your budget and your needs. If you’re just dipping your toe into trying cycle classes, you may want to choose a lower-budget model, and then upgrade later. Here, what to consider when choosing a spin bike.

With a user weight of 280 pounds and adjustable seat and handlebars, this model can fit a wide variety of riders. JOROTO


Spin bikes may be made with either a flywheel or magnetic resistance. A flywheel bike has a weight in the front wheel, mimicking the feel of the road. In a magnetic resistance bike, the front “wheel” is actually a disk that spins through a magnetic field. Both types of bikes have adjustable resistance, but magnetic resistance bikes may be less cumbersome and quieter than their flywheel counterparts. If you’re a regular rider, ask your studio which style bike they use to help guide you on which option is best to try at home.

The screen tracks data, while the flywheel system mimics road feel. Has multiple seat and handlebar adjustments. pooboo


Bikes with a flywheel can give you the gritty feeling of riding on a road. Just make sure to place your bike on a mat or rug to minimize noise or vibrations from your workout, especially if you live in an apartment.

Access to on-demand rides included; also comes with dumbbells for cross-training workout potential. Holds up to 350 pounds. NordicTrack


More and more bikes on the market come with access to class streaming programs. These are a huge part of a bike’s appeal, but may up the price tag. Many streaming studio classes can be accessed through a device or TV, so you can always use another model of bike and stream a workout. Higher-end bikes may have extended warranty programs and enhanced customer service.

Also Consider

Adjustable resistance, a display screen and sturdy frame that holds up to 330 pounds, this option is a wallet-friendly choice. VIGBODY


Detailed data is analyzed to create a personalized ride, with new streaming workout options delivered wirelessly to the included touchscreen display. Stages Fitness