Anti-Chafe Sticks to Save Your Skin from Irritation

Ah, there’s the rub. Protect your skin from discomfort when friction happens.

byCarla Sosenko|
Anti-Chafe Sticks to Save Your Skin from Irritation

The struggle is real. Whether it’s your thighs, underarms or other points of contact on your body, rubbing together can create uncomfortable friction. For years, we made do with messy creams and DIY salves—hands up if you’ve ever applied deodorant to your inner thighs!—but now we have professional options with soothing ingredients to extinguish the fire in one clean sweep.

This fragrance-free, vegan stick offers all-day lightweight relief. And because it gets the job done sans petroleum, lanolin and mineral oil, it won’t clog pores.

Originally developed for runners, anti-chafe balm can be applied to any body part that feels the burn, not just your thighs. Apply it to your arms, neck, chest—anywhere your skin gets rubbed.

This balm, from a trusted brand known for its medicated powders and healing creams, resists melting—useful if you plan to tote it around in hot weather.

Most reputable chafing-defense sticks protect for hours, but the applicators are so small and portable, you may as well throw one in your bag wherever you go. If you work out, shower, swim or get caught in the rain, you’ll need to glide on some more.

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Botanicals like coconut oil, shea butter and aloe coat without irritation.

Pick a stick with ingredients that work with all of your skin needs. For example, coconut oil is great for dry skin, so if your parts are parched, you can moisturize while getting friction relief.