Affirmation Card Decks to Remind Yourself to Practice Self-Care Daily

Need a prompt to breathe, practice gratitude or remember that you’re a superstar? These have you covered.

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Self-care tip: pull a card, then take a moment outside to reflect on how you can apply that affirmation to your lifeTimothy Works

Between making sure you meet that work deadline, taking care of loved ones and remembering to start the day with a healthy breakfast, you might forget to reward yourself for keeping up with everything life throws at you. Affirmation cards can help. The key is finding a deck that speaks to you in a voice you want to listen to. Here’s how to find that extra little boost.

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Explore the Mind

These feature prompts that encourage further exploration, like, “What can I do to facilitate happiness?” or “What have I accomplished lately that I am proud of?”Dessie

Ruminating over a pack of affirmation cards may not seem like an obvious party game, but hear us out: maybe you’re with a crowd you want to get closer to; or perhaps you’re spending the weekend with a particularly introspective crew. Don’t be afraid to share the wisdom and spread it around—it’ll be fun!

Affirmators! 50 Affirmation Cards to Help You Help Yourself - Without The Self-Helpy-Ness!

Not So Serious

This adorably illustrated deck has a sense of humor, packing an inspirational punch while eliciting giggles.Knock Knock

Affirmation cards are a terrific present for adults and kiddos alike. A pack with a fun design and whimsical voice is best for little ones, and turns the act of practicing self-love, confidence and compassion into a crucial early lesson.

Lamare Affirmation Cards - 40-Piece Colorful Daily Positive Affirmations Set In Gift Box - 4"x4" Self Care & Meditation Cards - Inspirational Affirmation for Motivation & Stress Relief

Invites Improvisation

The back of each minimalist square is blank, so you can scribble notes and thoughts of your own.Lamare

If you’re averse to the hopey-changey nature of affirmation cards, consider this: negative thinking can hold you back personally and professionally—and don’t you get enough negativity from other people? There’s nothing shameful or cheesy about trying to inspire and empower yourself.