You Need These Wine Openers in Your Life

While it is certainly true that the quality of screw-top and boxed wines has greatly improved in the last few … Continued

While it is certainly true that the quality of screw-top and boxed wines has greatly improved in the last few years, no one is recommending you immediately throw away your corkscrew. Yet a traditional corkscrew can be tough to use, forcing you to twist, push, and pull a cork out the bottle. And whom among us hasn’t experienced the frustration of a broken cork? These three alternatives promise to quickly and easily open your fine bottle of wine, for those days when opening the box on the counter just won’t do.

Simple Mechanics

All it takes is the click of a button. Secura

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With this electric opener, you’ll never have to struggle with a stubborn cork again. It’s rechargeable and cordless and opens up to 30 bottles in a single charge. It also comes with a thermal stainless steel wine cooler, so your whites and rosés can stay chilled.

Budget Pick

Everything you need in one simple tool. Amazon

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Face it, you never see a waiter at a fancy restaurant fumbling with an elaborately technological wine opener. No, they slip this nifty little gadget out of their pocket and open your bottle seamlessly and effortlessly. The Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew from HiCoup is a deceptively simple 3-in-1 tool: it includes a foil cutter (no separate piece to get lost!), a double-hinged wine opener, and a traditional bottle opener for those nights that call for a cold beer. The secret to this wine opener is the spring loaded, double-hinged fulcrum that uses increased leverage to easily pull out the cork. Penetrate the cork with just 5 turns of the opener, then first use the shorter of the hinges. When the cork is about halfway out switch to the longer part of the tool and voila! The cork slips out of the bottle without any difficult tugging and twisting. The opener has either an attractive wood or resin inlay depending on which of the 27 finishes you choose, and at this price point, you can afford to store one in every kitchen drawer. Never hunt for a wine opener again!

Easy on the Hands

Multipurpose and doesn’t require a strong grip. Amazon

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This nifty gadget uses air pressure to easily remove the cork without any twisting or pulling. It differs from traditional wine openers in that it has a sharp needle instead of a curly worm. Insert the needle entirely into the cork, then simply pump the handle. The increased air pressure within the bottle forces the cork to slide up and out. No extra CO2 cartridge is necessary! The opener comes with a separate traditional foil cutter. Users love how easy it is to use, but note that bottles with extra tight corks may require additional pumping to extricate the cork. Also important is that the manufacturer advises you NOT to use this opener on plastic corks.