Waffle Makers for Diner-Style Meals in Your Own Home

Get them while they’re hot and load ’em up with your favorite toppings.

byCharlotte Marcus|
Waffle Makers for Diner-Style Meals in Your Own Home
Dig in to your new favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner. Sheelah Brennan, Unsplash

Whether you and your family favor waffles loaded with strawberries and cream, potato-based ones with an egg on top for weekend brunches, or the classic chicken and waffle combo, an electric waffle maker means that these are no longer dishes that you have to head to a restaurant for. But what is it that you should be looking for when you’re buying your waffle maker? Here’s a quick run down.

With non-stick interior, professional-style rotating design and a countdown timer, this space-saving machine makes a 7-inch cake and can be stored vertically.

Ease of cleaning is one aspect that’s likely to dictate whether your waffle maker just collects dust on the side or whether it becomes a much-used part of your kitchen kit. Most waffle makers come with non-stick plates anyway (so make sure you never use any metal utensils on them) but if you’re looking for really easy maintenance, get a machine that has removable plates. This makes cleaning easier, and can also make your machine more versatile as you can switch out a waffle plate for a panini or grill plate.

The easy-to-handle rotary feature ensures even cooking, while an included measuring cup protects against overloading and the folding handle makes storage more practical.

There are various types of waffle makers out there. Some work like static presses—think a panini press—while others operate more like the catering-style ones you may have seen, where they rotate 180 degrees after you’ve put the batter in. Devotees of this type say that not only does it help the batter to spread more easily, but that it ensures the waffles cook more evenly.

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With 1400 watts of power and two separate sections for batter, this clever gadget makes two large cakes at once, and has non-stick plates for easy cleaning.

If you have a large family or frequently want to cook for a group, it’s worth looking at the capacity of your intended waffle maker. Many of the ones for round waffles will do one large waffle, divided into quarters, but some of the press-style ones offer the opportunity to cook two square ones at once, and there are even “double-sided” round ones that allow you to cook two large round cakes simultaneously. Bear in mind it usually takes around four or five minutes to cook a single waffle, so take your family’s levels of patience—and their ability to share—into consideration!