Cook Better: Toaster Ovens that Can Bake, Fry, Crisp and Broil

They can do everything.

Large dinner table filled with food
When everyone on your dinner table can be made in one device, you know it’s impressive.Unsplash/Rumman Amin

The toaster oven has had far too much attention paid to the “toaster” part and not the “oven” part. New, multifunction toaster ovens are capable of heating up quickly and cooking in the same way as the fanciest of ovens—only smaller, and faster, and using less energy. These are our picks.

Instant Omni Plus Air Fryer Toaster Oven 11 in 1, 26L, Rotisserie, Reheat Pizza
This multifunction device even includes a spit for a whole chicken to roast.Instant Pot

One of the biggest advertisements for multifunction toaster ovens is that they pretty much all include a convection setting. Only the newest or fanciest full-sized ovens include this setting, which uses fans to blow hot air around to ensure a super-fast, super-even roast. Oh, and another name for convection? Air-frying. Yep, that’s what it is.

Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer, Silver
This product has a convenient 60-minute timer and auto-shutoff function.Cuisinart

Due to their small size, toaster ovens heat up much more quickly than a standard oven. With older ovens, that didn’t matter so much; you weren’t going to use them to roast or bake or fry, because they just weren’t powerful enough. But these are, so for small batches of roasted vegetables, crisped-up frozen food or even air-fried fish, you can get dinner ready faster than ever.

Breville Smart Oven Pro 1800 W Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ, Brushed Stainless Steel
The entire interior of this gadget is nonstick, which makes it super easy to clean.Breville

Multifunction toaster ovens cram in so many features on top of baking, toasting and air-frying. They can also get down to a very low temperature—say, 200 degrees—which enables you to dehydrate fruits or make your own beef jerky. And because they use so little energy, and can turn off automatically after a set amount of time, you can simply let them dehydrate all day.