Three Reasons We Love Air Fryers for Tasty, Healthy Cooking

Get the delicious crispiness you crave with a fraction of the oil.

byJeremy Helligar| PUBLISHED Jun 2, 2020 9:14 PM
Three Reasons We Love Air Fryers for Tasty, Healthy Cooking
Enjoy crispy potato wedges, popcorn shrimp and fried chicken with little to no oil. Pexels

Fried food is undoubtedly delicious—but it’s hard to cook without suffering an oil burn, and even harder to make healthy. Air fryers make it a lot easier and healthier to feast on comfort food like french fries and fried chicken. They use hot air to cook, so you can get a crispy consistency without having to add a drop of oil. Food prepared in an air fryer is said to contain 70 to 80 percent fewer calories and 85 percent less fat than deep-fried dishes. In addition to the health benefits, air fryers cook food considerably faster than ovens, and they won’t leave your kitchen—or your entire house—smelling like grease. Ready to enjoy your favorite crispy foods?

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Air fryers do more than just fry. They also grill, bake and roast. But let’s face it: We’re all about those delicious french fries and crispy chicken fingers. Although no oil is needed to achieve a delicious deep fried taste, if you do decide to use a splash, add it directly to the food to avoid damaging the fryer.

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Once you turn on the air fryer, it heats up almost immediately. Most reach temperatures between 170 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, with a timer that can be preset to up to 30 minutes or more, after which it will turn off automatically. So there’s no waiting forever for the oven to preheat or standing watch over sizzling food praying you don’t get splattered and burned by hot oil.

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Cooking with little to no oil means you won’t be running for the window while gasping for air every time you fire up the air fryer. Some come with a built-in filter that neutralizes odors, leaving your kitchen smelling the same before, during and after cooking.

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