Three Things to Look for in a Rotating Cake Stand

Make cake decorating a beautiful and frustration free experience.

byLauren West-Rosenthal| PUBLISHED Dec 29, 2020 6:39 PM
Three Things to Look for in a Rotating Cake Stand
Ready, set, BAKE!. Pexels

Whether cake decorating is a hobby, a career passion, or a little bit of both, you know about the immense concentration needed so every frosted flair is perfect. You also know the frustration of trying to match the design on the front and back of the cake without leaping across your counter or table. Your solution is simple—enter the rotating cake stand. The spinnable platform aids you in evenly frosting and decorating cakes like a pro. Make every detail match from front to back—no table leaping required. Here’s why the rotating cake stand is an essential tool for bakers of all levels.

Features a non-slip base to keep your creation from flying off the countertop.

If you’re prone to complicated cake decorating designs, look for a metal turntable. The heavier material guarantees it’ll last longer and be able to turn for longer durations of time. Note that metal turntables are generally recommended for coating and molding cakes.

Moves easily in clockwise or a counterclockwise direction.

Ready to up the ante on your cake decorating game? Look for a base that does more than simply turn but also rotates into angled positions. As a bonus, be sure those positions can be locked into place for maximum concentration efforts.

The included accessories are designed with novice bakers in mind.

For those who are just getting into baking, a starter kit with lots of frosting tips and bags, icing spatulas, and a turntable will have you feeling like a pro in no time. Practice new designs with various tips, and write custom messages with chocolate decorating pens.

Features an anti-slip rubber pad at the bottom.

An aluminum cake turntable is a great investment because they’re easy to clean and don’t get a lot of noticeable wear and tear. Plus, it’s pretty to display on its own or with your freshly decorated cake sitting on top.