The best decanters for wine lovers

These decanters do the best job of elevating your wine experience.

A wine decanter may look beautiful on your table, but it is also fulfilling an important purpose. Almost any red wine will improve with decanting, even the cardboard box you keep in the pantry for impromptu parties. Decanting allows a young wine to mix with oxygen to open up its flavor and bouquet, dramatically improving an inexpensive wine’s taste. Older wines also benefit from breathing time, and decanting allows you to prevent the sediment that can be found in older bottles from ending up in your glass. Here are some of the best options available.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

The classic shapes provides maximum aeration. Amazon

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The Le Chateau Wine Decanter is a traditional, hand-blown, 100 percent lead-free crystal decanter. Pouring your wine along its funnel allows the wine to cascade down the sides, ensuring maximum exposure to air and a shortened decanting time, while the large slanted opening helps avoid the spills and drips that often accompany decanting wine. This decanter also has a classic shape which, while perhaps unwieldy in a small apartment with limited storage, allows one full bottle of wine to achieve maximum aeration while resting at its widest diameter.

Rabbit Super-Aerating Decanter System

Wine is sprayed down the sides to mix with air. Amazon

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An aerator and decanter in one is perfect for those times when you just can’t wait for a traditional decanter to work its magic. The aerator sprays the wine down the sides of the decanter, instantly mixing with oxygen and improving the wine’s flavor and aroma. The super-fine sediment screen means you can pour every last drop of an older wine without worrying about gritty sediment ruining your experience. The crystal decanter is hand-blown, and should be hand-washed, while the funnel and sediment screen can be run through your dishwasher.

Venturi Essential Wine Aerator

This little device quickly and easily aerates a single glass. Amazon

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While technically an aerator and not a decanter, the Venturi Essential Red Wine Aerator is perfect for when you want to decant a single glass or if you don’t have room for a large traditional decanter. Simply pour your wine through the hand-held aerator directly into your glass. Its patented design draws in air, instantly aerating the wine to improve the flavors and aroma. There is also a filter screen to protect your wine from cork shavings and any sediment that may be in the bottle. We love that the aerator is stored in a no-drip stand and even comes with a travel pouch for those who want some vino on the go.