Cook Better: Splatter Screens to Keep Your Stovetop Cleaner

Keep the oil in the pan, not all over your stovetop.

Splatter screens are important both for safety and cleanliness, because hot oil can easily burn you (or catch fire, or leave those greasy dots on your countertop). Here are the ones we’re shopping for.

Safety First

This unit comes with a heat-resistant handle so you can grab it without fear. BergKoch


There are lots of foods that splatter when cooked, and many of them can’t be topped with a solid lid. When you cover something that’s frying, you’re trapping steam that’s released by the cooking process. We don’t want steam while frying; the whole point is for the frying to dry the food and make it crispy. A splatter screen allows that steam to pass through, but blocks spitting oil.

Fits Everything

The end of this product flattens underneath, allowing it to take up much less cabinet space. OXO


You may have noticed the last time you fried bacon, but splattering oil somehow gets everywhere, and is truly infuriating to clean. When there, it dries, leaving telltale little bumps, like chicken pox for your kitchen. Yikes! A splatter screen can reduce that.

Innovative Option

Blocking the sides but not the top of a pan, this product allows you to tend to food even while attached. Frywall


Splatter screens can be tricky to clean. By their nature, they’re made of, typically, fine metal mesh, which is designed to capture tiny bits of oil. Scrubbing with a sponge may not fully clean them. If you have a dishwasher, congratulations, toss them in. If not? Soak in hot, soapy water for a few minutes before scrubbing; the oil will come right off.