Cute Soup Bowls for a Warm, Satisfying Slurp

Soup, there it is! Grab a bowl for a hug from the inside.

Bowl of ramen
Tomato soup, tortilla soup, pho, chicken broth, name it, we want to fill our bowls with it.Pexels/Quang Anh Ha Nguyen

Who doesn’t enjoy a cozy bowl of nourishing broth on a chilly day? These styles make us want to curl up by the fire with our favorite soup (tortilla here!), so buy a set, grab a ladle and prepare for major homey vibes.

Corelle Soup/Cereal Bowls Set (18-Ounce, 6-Piece, Winter Frost White)
Microwave- and oven-safe stackables are a must when it comes to reheating. These are made of glass that’s practically indestructible, so they’re particularly good for little (or butter) fingers.Corelle

There’s just something about a bowl that makes food feel extra hearty and comforting, and when the bowls are white, they also feel classic. White bowls are a blank slate design-wise, so you can go nuts with the rest of your tablescape—that is, if you’re planning a tablescape. We’re also totally down with a big warm bowl on the couch (or, let’s be real, in bed).

Unbreakable Cereal Bowls - 24 OZ Wheat Straw Fiber Lightweight Bowl Sets 4 - Dishwasher & Microwave Safe - for ,Rice,Soup Bowls
These sturdy 100% BPA-free babies come in an array of pretty pastels, and they’re super deep and round.DUOLUV

If the bowls you’re buying aren’t in the ceramic family (porcelain, earthenware), it’s important to make sure they’re made from a non-toxic material that won’t degrade when it’s heated—like wheat straw fiber, which is a biodegradable plastic.

Y YHY Pasta Bowls 30oz, Large Salad Serving Bowls, White Soup Bowls, Porcelain Pasta Plates and Bowls Sets, Microwave Dishwasher Safe, Set of 6
The wide flat bottom and shallow base let this freezer-friendly style double as a plate. And they also come in black!Y YHY

A shallow bowl—a bowl-plate, if you will—has more surface area, which means less time to reheat (and a quicker cool). Keep that in mind next time you pop a bowl of soup in the microwave to warm it up.