Shaved Ice Makers to Bring the Fair to You

Bring the carnival staple home with these countertop shaved ice makers.

byChristin Perry|
Shaved Ice Makers to Bring the Fair to You
Who said shaved ice is only for the fairgrounds or the ice cream truck?. Thomas Park/Unsplash

Shaved ice is a warm-weather staple. Cool, refreshing, and full of fun flavors, it’s something many of us pine for long after the shaved ice truck has pulled away. A good shaved ice maker makes it possible to mirror those perfectly shaved flakes of ice all year long.

This is a solid offering that works well without a lot of extra parts, and comes with three authentic premixed taste options.

A shaved ice maker that’s easy to set up and clean makes for a chilly treat without the hassle. Look for one that functions without lots of extra parts.

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Party Ready
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Suitable for everything from home use to opening your own stand.

Make enough for everyone when you buy a kit that contains a maker along with extras like fun cups, flavors, and even scoops. Kids will get a kick out of concocting their favorite flavorful potions and experimenting with new blends.

Compact model weighs in at less than a pound, so it’s great for small spaces.

Let’s face it—a shaved ice maker isn’t exactly a kitchen essential. Save space with a smaller model that still yields perfect slushie goodness every time. And remember, a shaved ice maker isn’t just for the sugary treat—you can also use it to make fun daiquiris for parties (or at the end of a long, hot day).